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Do You Want More Web Traffic?

During class you will discover all the techniques, tactics and tips you will need to dominate your competition on the search engines.

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This In-Person Live Training Cost $2,497

You'll Only Pay $497

Over 50 Videos and 30 Hours of

SEO Strategies, Tactics, Techniques and Tips

Are you ready to find out what it really takes to win in Google and Bing? Ready to see how SEO is really done? Tired of getting half-answers or few detail as to what your SEO team is doing for you? 


Well all your answers have arrived with my new "Fly on the Wall" SEO Masterclass!

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  • Do you want more website traffic from Google & Bing?

    I'll show you all the on-site and off-site strategies you'll need to know to begin seeing your site outrank your competitors.

  • Frustrated not knowing what your SEO "Team" is doing?

    Never again will you feel like you're in the dark about what your SEO team is doing. You'll be in a position to tell them what you want them to do or review the work they've done to see if it's done correctly. You're in charge as it should be since you're the one paying the bill.

  • Would you prefer to do your own SEO work?

    Tired of spending thousands of dollars a month on work you know you could do yourself if you knew how? I’ll reveal everything you need to know to begin doing your own SEO work correctly and probably more effectively than anybody else you could hire.

  • Tired of seeing your competitors outrank you in search?

    You'll see exactly how to research what your competitors are doing so you can do what you need to be doing to compete.

  • Wondering why it's taking so long to see results?

    It's not rocket science, it's know how! I'll explain exactly what it takes to succeed on Google and Bing and how to track what you're doing to see if it's working as expected. You'll also see how to use some of the top Google tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  • Interested in becoming a professional SEO?

    Ever thought about doing SEO for living? Start working in the SEO field and be able to take on clients after completing class. Many former students have started and grown their own SEO agencies after taking my class.

Fly on the Wall
SEO Masterclass


Students Normally Pay $2,497 for This Class.
Are You Ready!

This is the first time in my 15 years teaching SEO that I am making this material available on-demand. 

Only $497

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